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Cook with a salt block?

Yes, you read that right and you don’t need to be a chef or a true-blue selmelier (a salt connoisseur) to know how to use a Himalayan salt block and enjoy the natural flavors it brings.

Consider it an ancient method of cooking since the average salt slab is approximately 200-500 million years old.

You can sear meats on salt plates by slow heating them. You have the option to pre-heat it or slow-heat it on the grill before placing your meat or vegetables on the salt slab.

You can even chill the Himalayan salt plates for serving sushi, cold meats, cheese, fruits, appetizers and cold desserts such as ice cream and sorbets!

Indeed, it’s quite easy to pique anyone’s culinary curiosity with a salt block, and for special occasions, a small rose-colored crystalline salt slab may even look quite fancy on your dinner table.


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